Minimal-Mistakes Themes

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“Are you going to create a light color scheme?”

Nope. Minimal-Mistakes can’t stand the light.

“Are you going to support editor X?”

We hope so, but we need your help to accomplish that. Since you’re already using app X you’re probably much more experienced on it than us. So give it a try first!

“How do I submit a new theme?”
  1. Create a new repository based on this template.
  2. Build the new theme using the Color Palette above.
  3. Finally, submit an issue with a link to your repository. Once the theme is accepted, we will move the repository under the Minimal-Mistakes organization and give you rights to maintain it :)

Color Palette

Palette Hex RGB HSL CMYK Color Picker
Background #283036 rgb(40,48,54) hsl(205.7,14.9%,18.4%) cmyk(26,11,0,79)
Current Line #434c5e rgb(67,76,94) hsl(220,16.8%,31.6%) cmyk(29,19,0,63)
Selection #434c5e rgb(67,76,94) hsl(220,16.8%,31.6%) cmyk(29,19,0,63)
Foreground #e5e9f0 rgb(229,233,240) hsl(218.2,26.8%,92%) cmyk(5,3,0,6)
Comment #81a1c1 rgb(129,161,193) hsl(210,34%,63.1%) cmyk(33,17,0,24)
Cyan #59fff9 rgb(89,255,249) hsl(177.8,100%,67.5%) cmyk(65,0,2,0)
Green #59ff59 rgb(89,255,89) hsl(120,100%,67.5%) cmyk(65,0,65,0)
Orange #ff9c59 rgb(255,156,89) hsl(24.2,100%,67.5%) cmyk(0,39,65,0)
Pink #ff59f9 rgb(255,89,249) hsl(302.2,100%,67.5%) cmyk(0,65,2,0)
Purple #9059ff rgb(144,89,255) hsl(259.9,100%,67.5%) cmyk(44,65,0,0)
Red #ff5959 rgb(255,89,89) hsl(0,100%,67.5%) cmyk(0,65,65,0)
Yellow #ffff59 rgb(255,255,89) hsl(60,100%,67.5%) cmyk(0,0,65,0)
Cyan_Bright #a6fffc rgb(166,255,252) hsl(178,100%,82.5%) cmyk(35,0,1,0)
Green_Bright #a6ffa6 rgb(166,255,166) hsl(120,100%,82.5%) cmyk(35,0,35,0)
Orange_Bright #ffc9a6 rgb(255,201,166) hsl(23.6,100%,82.5%) cmyk(0,21,35,0)
Pink_Bright #ffa6fc rgb(255,166,252) hsl(302,100%,82.5%) cmyk(0,35,1,0)
Purple_Bright #c5a6ff rgb(197,166,255) hsl(260.9,100%,82.5%) cmyk(23,35,0,0)
Red_Bright #ffa6a6 rgb(255,166,166) hsl(0,100%,82.5%) cmyk(0,35,35,0)
Yellow_Bright #ffffa6 rgb(255,255,166) hsl(60,100%,82.5%) cmyk(0,0,35,0)

For more details about how to apply these different colors to represent different code symbols, please see the Minimal-Mistakes Specification.